Monday, November 29, 2021

SeedSupreme Seed Bank has long been one of the best sources for a large international variety of top-shelf, top quality cannabis seeds.


Archive Seed Bank
Seeds like Face Off OG BX2, Bazooka JoeG. Do-Si-Dos, and more. Reliable seeds for indoor grows.


TGA Seeds
Strains such as Jilly Bean and Vortex. Organically produced medical cannabis seeds.


Dutch Seeds Shop
Highest quality marijuana seeds for sale in different types, skunk seeds ,kush cannabis seeds for sale and more. directly from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Above 87% germination success, hundreds of different cannabis strains and marijuana types produced by the best breeders.


DNA Genetics
Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics. Their LA Confidential – a 100 percent indica and bigtime crowd pleaser – is part Afghan crossed with OG LA. Accurate and dependable seed genetics.


Karma Genetics
Karma, the founder of Karma Genetics, has earned the widespread respect particularly with Kush varieties. White OG V2.0, Biker Kush and more. Excellent and very intoxicating varieties available in seed form.


Nirvana Seeds
highest quality marijuana seeds from the finest strains available, stealth shipping and 10 free seeds on every order. Aurora Indica Regular, Bubblelicious and more.


Crop King Seeds
Canadian seed company. Crop King Seeds supports marijuana legalization and free speech across the board. They will discreetly mail seeds to select locations around the world. Candy Cane, Morpheus: a sativa designed for indoor grows and many others are available.


MTG Seeds
MTG has helped to produce some of the best medicine available. CBDieseland genetics from NorCal. Sought after heirloom and landrace strains are. Specifically breeding for plants with immunity to mold and the ability to produce high yields.Specializing in strainsand developed varieties to help alleviate particular ailments.


Aficionado Seeds
This Mendocino, California-based seed company. Top honors at the Emerald Cup for multiple years.


Greenhouse Seed Company
Super Lemon Haze. Quite a few cannabis seed selections from their catalog.


Sensi Seeds
Reputable cannabis seed provider. Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights #5 X Haze. And more. Sensi founder Ben Dronkers’ important work in cannabis seed breeding has preserved DNA from seeds that might have otherwise disappeared.


Bodhi Seeds Company
Producing some of the most sought after cannabis genetics. Using organic methods and sources Dank Sinatra and Jabba’s Stash. Northern Lights #5 X Talk of Kabul is known to make excellent hash from trimmings.


BC Bud Depot
An award-winning Canadian seed producer.Extensive marijuana seed bank. BC God Bud, Amnesia Haze, Heavy Duty Fruity and more. Discreet worldwide delivery.


Big Buddha
Chiesel to Cheesus, Big Buddha Cheese, Cheese X Cheese Reversed. They claim “world’s greatest, purest cheese seed ever created, probably the best cheese seed in the universe.