If you would have asked us 5 years ago about LED lights for growing marijuana we would have laughed. LEDs of the past were lackluster and ineffective for stimulating full plant growth. However, in just a few short years the industry has turned a new page. LED grow lights are not just as effective as, and far more profitable than traditional grow lights. The secret to this new burst of growth is CREE LED lighting that mimics natural sunlight in an energy efficient package.

LED Lights for Growing Marijuana: Things to Consider

Banded LEDs Vs WLED

Highly effective LEDs are sold in two primary forms. White LEDs or WLED are fully spectrum lights that emit a white light that is similar to natural sunlight. Banded LEDs are LEDs with specific color carefully matched to enhance the plant’s growth. While many growers claim that 9-banded and 11-banded LEDs are just as effective as WLEDs the simple truth is without white light there will be gaps in the light spectrum. While banded lights are more cost effective and will work fine for home growers, professionals will want to stick to trusted WLEDs to maximize their profits.

Actual Wattage VS Stated wattage

There’s a lot of salesmen ship involved in selling simple lightbulbs. Often times, the buyer can become confused by the claims on the packaging and purchase the wrong item. Most LED’s stated wattage is about 20% higher than their actual wattage. When you’re choosing a grow light, be sure to take into account this percentage when selecting your grow lights.

Does a Company’s Reputation matter?

With so many resellers, scam artists, and non-reputable companies it’s surprising anyone orders from unknown brands anymore. Most companies are selling products that they don’t understand and relying on you not knowing enough to ask. After all, most of their buyers don’t have the equipment to test and verify the quality of their lights. That’s why we recommend only purchasing lights from reputable, well-known companies that stand behind their products. Not only will you help support new research towards better products, you’ll get a light that you can trust to work.

In Summary

With the recent advancements in LEDs, there’s no reason not to enjoy lowering your electric bill with energy saving bulbs. If you’re serious about it, consider switching to LED lights for growing marijuana. Not only do they save you money, they produce less heat, and are lower maintenance than other lights.


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