Sure, we love every grow room, but, sometimes a grow room setup comes along that’s just so different we have to feature it. You may be looking to build your first or your tenth, but you’re sure to get a kick out of these 5 builds. These setups are unique, fun, and different and they just might be putting a new twist on growing marijuana.

The Blocky Grow Room Setup:

Call out to all those with a sense of humor and adventure. High times started a new movement by featuring an all Lego cannabis set up, now growers from around the world are celebrating by joining in on all the Lego fun! We loved the entire exhibit set up at Known Gallery in Los Angeles. Sure, plastic Pot may not have all the benefits of home-grown cannabis, and while it’s been a few years, we still get a good laugh looking through these creative masterpieces.

The One That Locks it Down:

Cabinets aren’t just for spices anymore. Grow cabinets are growing (no pun intended) in popularity for their compact size and all in one convenience. Since cabinets are easily contained and locked, they’re perfect for families with smaller children or frequent visitors. We love this cabinet built by Rory! It’s the perfect size for most users and keeps air flow regulated to prevent spreading diseases like that dreaded powdery mildew.

The Seed Starter that Doesn’t Start:

Don’t start with me! While this might not be the most practical option for growers, it’s still worth a laugh. You can hide your young plants from prying eyes in this ingenious hydroponic growing case. It’ll work in a pinch for smaller plants and can even hold a single medium plant for a small time grower. You’ll fly under the radar, too. Seriously, who’s going to question that old computer case you’ve got in the closet? No one, that’s who.

The Attractive Solution:

So maybe your wife doesn’t want to give up her closet, maybe a giant cabinet doesn’t look so discrete in your home, no big deal, there’s something for you. This grow room setup looks stunning, and will sit nonchalantly in your home while looking awesome. Build it with great lighting and good soil and you’ve got a perfect incubation chamber for healthy plants.

The Big One:

Had enough of the small time rigs? This set up is designed for those with an eye towards business. Game system fans and quality lights keep your plants growing and healthy in bulk, all while keeping costs down. Gaming fans are an excellent solution for those who desire to grow more than just a small closet of plants, but don’t have the spare cash to rig up a full HVAC system to a new room. Leaving you only one thing to figure out: which strains you’re going to grow.

No matter what type of grow room setup you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for a small box, or you’ve set your eyes on professional distribution. Good quality grow lights and proper ventilation belongs in every grow room.